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Human Growth Hormone Safety
Are there any side effects associated with HGH products?
No serious side effects have been reported as far as we know. The

top-ranked products we review consist of all-natural ingredients

that have not been shown to have any serious HGH side effects.

Are HGH products safe?
Yes. Most top human growth hormone supplements are comprised of

all-natural ingredients that do not include any harmful chemicals,

hormones, steroids, or drugs. They must also be taken as directed on

the label of each individual product.

Do HGH products interfere with birth control pills and their effectiveness?
No, HGH products have not been shown to interfere with birth control

pills and their effectiveness.

Can I take the HGH products if I am pregnant or nursing?
No. Contrary to what some HGH product manufacturers claim, you

should not use any type of supplement if you are pregnant or

Some natural ingredients found in products for HGH can possibly

cause damage to the developing fetus or baby. Women who are pregnant

or nursing should never take herbal supplements or medications

without first consulting with their health practitioner.

Will HGH products cause me to gain weight?
No, most of our respondents reported losing weight. The products

help to stimulate the production and release of HGH from the

pituitary gland, which helps to decrease body fat and increase lean

muscle mass.

Human Growth Hormone Effectiveness
Are the results of HGH products permanent?
Obviously, the results are not permanent as HGH levels tend to

constantly decrease as we get older. Occasionally, maintenance doses

will probably be needed as a person ages and HGH decline.

How long will it be before I notice a difference?
The amount of time before results are seen varies considerably due

to a number of factors unique to each person. Although unusual, we’

ve heard of some people getting results within a couple of weeks.

For most, it will take 5-7 months before noticeable results are


Are the results of HGH products guaranteed?
Yes, all of the products we reviewed come with some sort of 100%

money back guarantee. If a company stands behind its product, they

will offer a guarantee.

Are the companies offering HGH products reputable?
Yes, most of the top ones are. The companies that made our list of

the best HGH products all seem to have strong reputations.
Maximizing Results

Can I take more than the recommended dosage if I want to experience

results faster?
No, this is not a strategy we would recommend. Leave it up to the

manufacturer to decide how best to use their product. Recommended

dosages will be printed clearly on the label.

Is there anything I can do to maximize my results while using a HGH product?
Yes. While taking HGH products, you should try to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible. The better your body is functioning, the higher potential for success using HGH products.

We would try to follow these guidelines:
 •Reduce your carbonated drink intake
 •Get regular exercise
 •Avoid alcohol and smoking (if possible)
 •Take 1000 mg of vitamin C each day
 •Reduce intake of caffeine
 •Drink plenty of water


How long should I use HGH products?
Our study was conducted over 6 months and that is how long we would

follow a program designed to obtain maximum results from HGH.

Obviously, your condition won’t change overnight, but you should

expect to see results over a 6-month period.

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