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Product name : Melanotan-II
Item : Melanotan-II
Price : Melanotan-II
Details :
Melanotan 2 – An in depth study Peptides March 1, 2014 In Peptides Peptides Melanotan II,MT II,MT2,Melanotan 2 The peptide Melanotan II carries a molecular mass of 1024.180 and a molecular formula of C50H69N15O9. It is sometimes referred to by the following names: Melanotan 2 MT-2. However, this particular peptide is not to be confused with the peptide Melanotan I, which has been shown to exhibit similar tendencies in regards to its overall functionality and operational mechanics. Melanotan II at a Glance According to scientific study that has been based on animal test subjects, the impetus of Melanotan 2’s overall functionality and mechanics can be tied to the pituitary gland. This pea-sized gland located at the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain essentially acts as the command center for the endocrine system, as it is chiefly charged with the regulation and control of several system-related functions including those related to growth, metabolism, thyroid gland function, and temperature regulation. Melanotan II’s relationship to the pituitary gland can be drilled down to a hormonal level; specifically, to hormones secreted by the pituitary gland known as melanocortins. In essence, these particular hormones are responsible for the regulation and control of hair and skin pigmentation in an animal test subject. They achieve this measure of control by expressing melanin. The secretion of melanin is triggered by an animal test subject’s exposure to ultraviolet, or UV, rays. When the secretions are expressed, they are manifested upon the surface of the skin. This process in which this occurs is known as melanogenesis. The secretion acts as a natural means of protection against ultraviolet rays. This component, by extension, acts as a protective measure against a hot of various skin afflictions and ailments that result from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. These rays include various forms of skin cancers. The primary issue with melanogenesis is the fact that the melanocortins that trigger this process has a rapid half-life that only lasts several minutes. Naturally, this means that the secretion’s overall effectiveness as a measure of protection against ultraviolet rays is very limited. However, scientific study that has been based on animal test subjects has indicated that the presence of Melanotan II can extend the half-life of melanocortins, therefore making their ability to secrete melanin and specifically expand its overall protective measures against ultraviolet rays significantly more effective. Furthermore, scientific study based on animal test subjects has determined that Melanotan II can cajole the effects of melanogenesis without the presence of UV rays, therefore removing the potential pathogenic danger that is associated with the triggering of the process. That being said, it should be noted that scientific studies based on animal test subjects has determined that Melanotan II’s overall functionality is higher when the presence of UV rays are introduced. Benefits of Melanotan II’s Processes The main focus of scientific study based on animal test subjects regarding Melanotan II’s overall functionality is in relation to its ability to possibly lessen the risk of most types of skin cancer. Because it has been shown to promote melanogenesis even during times when UV rays are not present, these studies have stated that this response that would normally be triggered by the pathogen that could cause some skin cancers would give the animal test subject an increased measure of protection from the cancer causing process. With that being said, scientific study that has been based on animal test subjects has concluded that Melanotan II’s effectiveness is rendered moot ageist the deadliest form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma. The reason for this is because unlike other skin cancers that have been linked to the presence of UV rays, most instances of malignant melanoma have been associated with indirect DNA damage. In addition to determining links to stave off skin cancers, other scientific study on animal test subjects has been focused on determining hypothetical links between the peptide and libido, as well as links between the peptide and the process of lipolysis; that is, the process in which body fat is broken down.

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