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Product name : CJC-1295
Item : CJC-1295 (DAC)
Price : CJC-1295
Details :
CJC-1295 Latest Research Benefits And Side Effects Peptides June 30, 2013 In Peptides Peptides The tetrasubstituted peptide hormone called CJC-1295 has 30 amino acids in it and functions like GHRH, but with much better results overall. First of all, its potential in increasing the effects that growth hormones and IGF-I have and stimulating them is huge. Plus, those effects increase without having to change the prolactin levels in any way. In turn, this results in better protein synthesis, more fat loss and more muscle growth. The reason why CJC-1295 seems to work better compared to GHRH or rHGH is because of its ability to work with album in order to produce a better half-life and a better form of therapy. This form of technology is still quite new. In a nutshell, though it attaches certain reactive groups onto peptides to make them react to nucleophilic entities in the blood and make them more stable. It can also serve as a form of protection from GHRH amino acids, which normally degrade enzymes. After attaching itself to albumin, CJC-1295 gets a better half-life and better bioavailability, in general. Thanks to the effectiveness of bioconjugation, very little of CJC-1295 will fail to react. Most of it will actually stabilize after using subQ , making it well worth the investment in the end. During the 2000s, clinical studies were finally done for CJC-1295 and it was shown that its primary goal was to deal with visceral fat deposits in order to bring about more fat loss and that it was successful therein. For stability, CJC-1295 relies on substitutions of Gin, Ala, D-Ala and Leu, which are also in charge of stopping the DPP-IV cleavage and the methionine oxidation, as well as improving the bioactivity and half-life of CJC-1295′s from seven minutes to an entire week. Since this half-life is much longer, researchers are able to use the peptide every week to reap the results that they want. CJC-1295 has already gone through various experiments to test its effectiveness. After more than 6 days, an increase in plasma GH concentration has been seen. After 11 days, on the other hand, an increase in IGF-1 concentration has also been seen. This makes the average half-life stand at up to 8.1 days, staying above the overall baseline even after a month without any unwanted side effects. CJC-1295 can also help with deep sleep, which is in charge of muscle growth and memory retention. Although deep sleep is known to diminish with time, this peptide’s side effect ratio actually surpasses that of any other ones out there, thus making it the best choice for post cycle therapy overall.

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