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Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU

Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU
Product name : Genotropin Pen 12MG 36IU
Item : 2018531114842
Details :
WHAT IS GENOTROPIN? is our Genotropin Pen Authentic or High Quality Copy Batch ?
Surely,we are 100% Original,official Authentic Pen from Pfizer Co.,Ltd

GENOTROPIN is a man-made copy of natural growth hormone that has been used to treat more than 95,000 people all over the world.
With GENOTROPIN, you and the doctor can choose from several injection devices to best meet your child's individual needs.

Multi-dose pens are easy to learn how to use Digital display so you can easily see your selected dose.
The medicine mixes inside the pen—no vials to mix The dose can be dialed back if needed without wasting any medicine

An optional needle guard hides the needle and keeps the pen stable while injecting Pen caps and covers can be customized with colors and designs.

Refrigerate between 36℉ to 46℉ Portable and easy to use for families on the go Disposable and pre-filled No dose setting—each MiniQuick contains one, pre-measured dose

No refrigeration needed† Packaged in a 7-day supply Preservative-free †Before reconstitution,

GENOTROPIN MiniQuick can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature (77°F or less) for up to 3 months.

The GENOTROPIN Mixer® is a reusable device for use with 5-mg or 12-mg GENOTROPIN cartridges and standard syringes.

Automatically mixes medicine before injection Refrigerate between 36℉ to 46℉ A doctor or nurse will help you with the first injection.

He or she will also train you on how to inject GENOTROPIN.

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