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Product name : PT-141(Bremelanotide)
Item : PT-141(Bremelanotide)
Price : PT-141(Bremelanotide)
Details :
PT-141 – The News On This Recently Popular Peptide Peptides Peptides (To buy PT-141 in our store online click here) PT-141, otherwise known as Bremelanotide, is the name of a research peptide that is known to improve and increase the sexual arousal of research test subjects. Unlike any compounds tested in the past, PT-141 doesn’t do anything to the vascular system. Instead, it focuses on increasing sexual activity through the melanocortin receptors found in the brain. PT-141 is also known to be experimental, though, so it has been put to use on different clinical studies and on various research test subjects. While some of the research test subjects responded at lower doses of up to 2 mg, others didn’t show any positive responses until the doses were at around 3mg. Aside from dosage, the results tend to differ from one research test subject to the next, as well.

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